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iPIMM™ TMS is the ultimate in-cab driving tool and our answer to expensive proprietary EOBRs on the market today. Taking advantage of iOS technology, iPIMM™ TMS is jam packed with features including HOS & IFTA compliance, Proof of Delivery, eDVIR, Navigation and direct integration with the engine’s ECU. Keep reading below to get PIMMified!

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Uncle Sam requires you to have an electronic hours of service log, let iPIMM™ TMS make it easier for you and your driver to manage. We automate the driver’s status for on-duty and driving and offer a simple UI to indicate off duty and sleeper berth. Fleet operators/owners will be given real-time access to data to ensure HOS compliance and improve their driver safety and efficiency.


Apple’s iPad mini hardware comes at a fraction of the cost of a typical onboard computer. By selecting the iPad mini hardware it allows our customers to pick and choose other driver tools like Bluetooth temperature probes, barcode scanners, etc. into our solution. Offered as an available app on the Apple App Store allows us to constantly improve our application with the release of easy to download updates.


We took the best functions of iOS including sign-on-glass, Bluetooth pairing (temperature probes, barcode scanner) and a built in camera to give your driver all the tools he needs in one sleek package. Best of all, we eliminate excessive paperwork and manual data entry for your back office by offering two-way integration with your company’s ERP/TMS software.


Reduce your paper trailer and ensure drivers validate your vehicles and trailers in safe driving condition. Our eDVIR / Inspection module offers customized pre-departure forms and syncs seamlessly with our iPIMM™ AMS application, immediately alerting your maintenance department when an issue arises in your fleet.


Driving Style plays a major factor in your fleet’s fuel economy. We developed our Driver Scorecard to grade your driver’s performance at the end of every route, based on a series of easy to understand driving categories. We pair our performance Driver Scorecards with in-cab dashboard alerts whenever a driver has violated speeding, RPM or idling violations.


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