COVID-19 Workplace Health Screening App

In an effort to help promote employee health and safety in the workplace, we are excited to offer PIMM Health Check App. BEIJING (Reuters) June 29, 2020 – Global coronavirus cases exceeded 10 million on Sunday according to a Reuters tally, marking a major milestone in the spread of the respiratory disease that has so … Continued

Health Check during COVID-19 Pandemic

Anyone who works outside the home should check their health before every shift. Consider your own COVID-19 statusIf you tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 10 days, you must isolate yourself at home. Consider the COVID-19 status of any close contactsIf any close contacts tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days, you … Continued

PIMM Health Check App

COVID-19 Employee Health Check State Mandates As businesses begin to reopen, certain states are enforcing employee temperature and health screening checks. We’re here to help! BE READY WITH THE PIMM COVID-19 HEALTH CHECK APP! The Procuro PIMM Health Check APP provides a non-intrusive way of protecting worker safety in offices, plants, warehouses and retail outlets … Continued

5 Tips For Working At Home

As the coronavirus/COVID-19 continues to spread across the US, many workplaces are asking employees to work from home. While remote working can be incredibly effective and productive, it’s also an adjustment for many people. Read below tips on how to adjust to new working habits. Keep Your Schedule Set your alarm for the same time … Continued

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

The food supply chain is changing. An increasing need for transparency and traceability is driving new technology to the forefront. Terms that were once considered buzzwords, such as real-time visibility, the cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, and blockchain are increasingly becoming commonplace. As your organization is already likely considering the ways in … Continued

Fleet Efficiency

When it comes to maintenance, don’t forget about technology! Telematics devices, ELDs and cameras also need regular maintenance. When you’re thinking about maintenance, technology such as tablets and cameras can sometimes be seen as less important compared to some of the more visible components of the truck. After all, it’s easier to see when there’s … Continued

COVID-19 – Reopening Decisions and Risk Assessments

While many essential businesses (e.g., hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores and gas stations) have remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic, other operations deemed nonessential have shut down temporarily or changed the nature of their operations. Not only has this led to significant business disruptions, but, for many, it has critically impacted their bottom line. However, we … Continued

Changes Ahead for the Cold Chain

The Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) has published the findings of its survey of business impacts of the COVID-19 virus on companies comprising the global cold chain. The report provides critical data about some of the ripple effects globally on social and economic activity of the cold chain industry. GCCA members store over 260 billion … Continued

The Complexities of Temperature Management Solutions

Now more than ever, ensuring the safety, quality, and timely delivery of pharmaceutical products to their final destination is a challenging and costly endeavor. With the tight regulation of supply chain systems, and the U.S. pharmaceutical market expected to grow to a value of $550 billion by 2020, pharmaceutical companies have little room for error … Continued

Managing Cold Storage

In cold storages, energy savings is a recurring concern. We all know it is far more expensive to cool the air than to heat it. Moreover, different products might have different temperature requirements. For instance, vegetables need a temperature of 55°F, meat needs to be stored at 28°F, dairy products at 34°F and ice cream … Continued