selecting the right telematics product

No two fleets are the same, so telematics solutions should be just as unique. Before deciding on a trailer tracking solutions, fleet managers should thoroughly assess their areas of need and consider which option can best optimize their fleet’s performance. The best solution will be tailored to their specific concerns, able to seamlessly integrate into … Continued

Trailer telematics shouldn’t be overlooked

In the past few years, the perception of a telematics solution transformed from a single purpose devises to a modular connective hub with the ability to integrate with a variety of external sensors or services. Telematics is no longer a “nice to have” solution, but a “need to have” one in to ensure parity with … Continued

Dedicated Fleet Management Dashboard

With hundreds, even thousands of trucks to manage on the road, and real-time updates coming in from each of those trucks, a fleet manager may feel like he or she is drowning in data. A well-designed telematics dashboard can serve as a fleet manager’s lifeboat when it comes to managing all this information. While ELD … Continued

Best Practices in Refrigerated Food Transport

Temperature excursions during refrigerated food transportation reduce product shelf life. Maintaining the integrity and quality of refrigerated cargo is paramount to preventing these issues. Stakeholders, from the fleet that transports food to distribution centers and manufacturing facilities, follow industry standards to ensure food safety. As an ecosystem, all involved in the food transportation and storage … Continued

Fighting the clock on shelf life

One of the most important aspects of the food supply chain is maximizing shelf life. Companies need to get products to store quickly to widen the purchasing window and ensure product freshness for consumers. From the moment a product is harvested or produced, the clock is ticking. In some cases, products may spend the majority … Continued


In early 2020, the FDA will unveil a “blueprint” outlining plans to modernize its approach to regulating food safety under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). These plans will include the use of technology-enabled traceability tools such as PIMM Supplier Delivery System, new predictive analytic measures to assess risk, and data analytics to improve root … Continued

fda compliant software

According to a report by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, the total number of food recalls in the U.S. increased by 10% between 2013 and 2018. In the last year alone, the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service recalled over 10,000 tons of food. Food quality issues have contributed to the roughly 48 million … Continued

quality management solution for inbound deliveries

To get to the dinner table, food must travel great lengths to preserve that farm fresh quality. Refrigerated shipping units and storage facilities are essential to reducing bacteria growth and by using an automated smart-refrigeration solution, a food-safe environment can be maintained throughout the journey with little supervision. Traditional food temperature monitoring is reliant on … Continued

Improve Your Inbound Shipping Operations

PIMM™ Supplier Delivery System is the first software platform that elevates the traditional “temperature logger” to integrated cold chain solution allowing the driver to guarantee a quality delivery. The PIMM™ Continuous Temp Monitoring (PIMM™ CTM) program is the first monitoring program of its kind that allows distributors to share specific temperature performance data with their … Continued