Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading can be the most critical and complex point in a temperature controlled supply chain. Transferring product from one location to another adds factors to the process that are often unmonitored. Fortunately technology is rapidly improving in this critical space. In addition to maintaining the temperature of the truck, warehouse, and product, shippers … Continued

continuous temperature monitoring

With PIMM™ CTM, DC Managers can focus on improving their transport deliveries temperature quality instead of spending countless hours manually inputting route data How It Works: Route Plan Integration / Dynamic Routing: PIMM™ can integrate to any route planning system, ranging from the simplest route plans created on Microsoft Excel to high level route feed … Continued

temperature data loggers – LogTags™

About the size of the credit card, PIMM™ LogTag™ are placed in coolers, freezers, docks, ets. where they immediatly begin gathering temperature data. When the PIMM™ LogTag™ retrieved and uploaded at the PIMM™ Data Reader, the imformation automatically feeds in the the PIMM™ Facility Management System – giving you access to your temperature information anywhere … Continued


Organic, vegan, non-GMO, local, sustainably or humanely raised, and allergen free, or any other variety — satisfying this growing demand poses unique supply chain challenges. Distribution process for organic farmers can differ from those who work with conventionally grown products. For example, conventionally produced corn typically will be shipped as part of a freight train … Continued

Continuous Temperature Monitoring

The food processing industry spends a lot of effort in measuring and monitoring cold chain temperatures, be it during storage of raw materials, storage of finished product prior to shipping or storage in the distribution facilities. When a manufacturer has time and temperature under control, quality and safety issues don’t figure in until after the … Continued

The Future of pharmaceutical cold chain management

In the recent past, there has been an explosion of cold chain activities with the growing acceptance of a new class of drugs called biologics. They have only recently come into the world of medicine but have already taken the market by storm, not only in terms of their treatment capability but also in terms … Continued

Continuous Temp Monitoring

Temperature control is a critical food safety element, as it helps to prevent foodborne diseases and outbreaks that can result in public health issues. Fresh produce must be kept at 0–16 °C or colder, while frozen and deep-frozen foods must generally be held at 0 to -25 °C or colder. Temperature control is a critical … Continued

Telematics in Fleet Management

Building a Vehicle Fleet isn’t easy or inexpensive. Managing that same fleet can prove even more time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly! Fortunately, in the Digital Age, many fleet owners can turn to Telematics, which is a series of technologies that provide information on where vehicles are, how they are performing and more. Recognize the Cost Benefits … Continued

Cold Chain Management – efficiency, awareness, productivity.

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows the integration of customers, the front office, and supply chain operations to provide a more holistic picture of operational efficiency. IoT makes situational awareness possible through real-time, end-to-end supply chain visibility. It is a critical enabler of obtaining real-time insight into production performance, giving manufacturers the power to identify … Continued

Data Loggers and Air-Tags

2019 trends in the global food supply chain The complexities of moving food and beverages throughout the supply chain are ever growing. What can we expect in 2019? Increasing consumer demands, from faster shipping and improved transparency to greater fresh food selections and e-commerce options. The threat of a global trade war and seemingly never-ending … Continued