Refrigerated medical products

Some medicinal products need to be stored and shipped at lower than ambient temperatures to assure their quality . These are often referred to as “cold chain products” or “fridge lines” and wholesale dealers are expected to store and distribute them in strict accordance with the product labelling requirements. Some cold chain items, such as … Continued


Heat-sensitive medicines such as insulin are extremely sensitive to any variations in temperature, hot or cold. They must never be exposed to a temperature greater than +8°C or less than +2°C, as they can become inactive, or worse, in the event of significant and/or prolonged exposure, toxic. Considering the low quantity of product that the … Continued

Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Management

Refrigerators and freezers used to store drug products are required to maintain the product temperature between the limits as defined on the product label. Typically, a refrigeration unit specification would be set to 5° with an allowable range of ±3° to store products labeled 2°–8°. Freezer tem-peratures may vary and typically range from −25° to … Continued