10 trends in cold chain logistics

With its capital-intensive equipment, strict temperature requirements, and energy dependence, the cold chain has always been a demanding logistics segment. Now the sector is grappling with additional challenges—from increases in the sensitivity, quality standards, and volume of many of its goods, to continually mounting regulations. The cold chain also faces many of the same issues … Continued

Managing the cold storage supply chain

Moving temperature-sensitive products through the supply chain presents a variety of challenges for food companies—from storage and transportation to selecting carriers and monitoring loads. Small variances can produce big headaches. A temperature difference of a few degrees during transportation, a slightly longer stay on a loading dock, or a faulty refrigeration unit can turn a … Continued

food safety during transportaton

Meat, poultry, and egg products are susceptible to contamination from a wide variety of physical, microbial, chemical, and radiological agents. These products are particularly vulnerable to microbiological hazards because their moisture, pH levels, and high protein content provide ideal environments for the growth of bacteria. Because of these characteristics, the products must be carefully monitored … Continued

Continuous Temperature Monitoring – Log Tag Solution

Temperature management of the food supply-chain is important for ensuring compliance and the quality of perishable products. Maintaining an optimal temperature in your Cold Chain Management is important. If the temperature falls above or below the optimal range, costly spoilage can occur. From meat or produce to ice-cream freezers, PIMM Log Tag wireless sensors continuously … Continued

Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading can be the most critical and complex point in a temperature controlled supply chain. Transferring product from one location to another adds factors to the process that are often unmonitored. Fortunately technology is rapidly improving in this critical space. In addition to maintaining the temperature of the truck, warehouse, and product, shippers … Continued

continuous temperature monitoring

With PIMM™ CTM, DC Managers can focus on improving their transport deliveries temperature quality instead of spending countless hours manually inputting route data How It Works: Route Plan Integration / Dynamic Routing: PIMM™ can integrate to any route planning system, ranging from the simplest route plans created on Microsoft Excel to high level route feed … Continued

Continuous Temp Monitoring

Temperature control is a critical food safety element, as it helps to prevent foodborne diseases and outbreaks that can result in public health issues. Fresh produce must be kept at 0–16 °C or colder, while frozen and deep-frozen foods must generally be held at 0 to -25 °C or colder. Temperature control is a critical … Continued


Loading trailers may seem straightforward but there are a number of critical steps that will dramatically improve the process from a safety and quality perspective. From a safety perspective, securing the trailer is of utmost importance. Following the steps outlined in the Trailer Pre-load Safety snd Inspection section. From a quality perspective, only load “PRE-COOLED … Continued

Best Practices for Refrigerated Transport©. Part 1.Pre-Cooling Trailers Process.

Procuro PIMM™ Cold Chain Management System provides “end to end visibility” for your cold chain. Our system monitors, analyzes and manages the entire distribution process from supplier plants, 3rd party carriers, 3rd party cold storage/distribution centers, outbound delivery fleet and in-store cold storage. In the next few articles, we will be highlighting the best practices … Continued

Shelf Life Prediction via Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) AI is the latest “buzz word” in the technology space but it’s been around forever. Artificial Intelligence is more accepted today simply because we have better tools to collect and analyze data. IBM’s Watson is probably one of the most famous AI platforms. Invented in the 1980’s to “predict” outcomes based upon … Continued