Restaurant Health Inspection Checklist

Store food properly! Keep stored food 6 inches above the floor in pantries and walk-ins. Label unmarked containers for quick review of contents and delivery dates. Sweep food storage areas several times a day and clean at least once a week. Maintain Safe Storage Temperatures Every restaurant health inspection checklist stresses the importance of maintaining … Continued

Proper Storage Temperatures for USDA Commodities

Correct temperature control is essential to maintain food quality, nutrient content, and control of bacterial growth. Daily monitoring of temperatures is necessary to ensure adequate storage conditions. Dry Storage Many items such as canned goods, baking supplies, grains, and cereals may be held safely in dry storage areas. The guidelines below should be followed: Keep … Continued

Managing the cold storage supply chain

Moving temperature-sensitive products through the supply chain presents a variety of challenges for food companies—from storage and transportation to selecting carriers and monitoring loads. Small variances can produce big headaches. A temperature difference of a few degrees during transportation, a slightly longer stay on a loading dock, or a faulty refrigeration unit can turn a … Continued

temperature data loggers – LogTags™

About the size of the credit card, PIMM™ LogTag™ are placed in coolers, freezers, docks, ets. where they immediatly begin gathering temperature data. When the PIMM™ LogTag™ retrieved and uploaded at the PIMM™ Data Reader, the imformation automatically feeds in the the PIMM™ Facility Management System – giving you access to your temperature information anywhere … Continued

Continuous Temperature Monitoring

The food processing industry spends a lot of effort in measuring and monitoring cold chain temperatures, be it during storage of raw materials, storage of finished product prior to shipping or storage in the distribution facilities. When a manufacturer has time and temperature under control, quality and safety issues don’t figure in until after the … Continued

Managing Food Safety for restaurants

Food safety management is one of the top risks facing the food industry today. Consumers are watching for recalls and withdrawals, and they’re willing to walk away from a brand that doesn’t take food safety compliance seriously! Food safety is all about protection. It protects your customers, your brand, and your business. However, your business … Continued

Facility Management System

The PIMM™ Facility Management System provides our customers with a customized quality management solution for cold storage facilities. The system provides a user-friendly interface to enhance operational efficiencies for managing temperature, energy and quality control 24×7. AUDITS AND INSPECTIONS – PIMM™ FMS provides centralized management of zones, thresholds, inspection criteria and corrective action procedures for … Continued

Kiosk Solutions. Simple and Secure Environment for Cold Storage Warehouse Personnel

Procuro’s PIMM™ CCM KIOSK solutions provide a simple and secure environment for cold storage warehouse personnel to share our mobile platforms amongst drivers, janitors, loaders, unloaders, and visitors. Each module will operate in “KIOSK” mode on any Apple iPad, restricted by user permissions tied to a specific module. “Janitors” will only have access to the … Continued

Software as a Service (SaaS) Advantages

Procuro provides a family of hosted applications using the modern SaaS model. This model was selected because it provides the best value and the best service for Procuro’s customers. SaaS provides these specific benefits: Total cost of ownership is much lower because all infrastructure and maintenance is amortized across many customer accounts. Procuro takes full … Continued