Fleet Efficiency

When it comes to maintenance, don’t forget about technology! Telematics devices, ELDs and cameras also need regular maintenance. When you’re thinking about maintenance, technology such as tablets and cameras can sometimes be seen as less important compared to some of the more visible components of the truck. After all, it’s easier to see when there’s … Continued

The Complexities of Temperature Management Solutions

Now more than ever, ensuring the safety, quality, and timely delivery of pharmaceutical products to their final destination is a challenging and costly endeavor. With the tight regulation of supply chain systems, and the U.S. pharmaceutical market expected to grow to a value of $550 billion by 2020, pharmaceutical companies have little room for error … Continued

monitoring cold chain temperatures

The food processing industry spends a lot of effort in measuring and monitoring cold chain temperatures, be it during storage of raw materials, storage of finished product prior to shipping or storage in the distribution facilities. When a manufacturer has time and temperature under control, quality and safety issues don’t figure in until after the … Continued

Temeperature Monitoring for Cold Chain Logistics

A cold chain is a supply chain of perishable items, which protects a wide variety of food, pharma and chemical products from degradation, improper exposure to temperature, humidity, light or particular contaminants to keep them frozen, chilled and fresh state. The integrity of the cold chain must be preserved from the point of production or … Continued


In the distribution of food products, temperature control is an essential factor; it affects product quality by influencing the level of quality degradation, and affects product safety by influencing the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. Transportation planning concerns the short term planning of the distribution operations and mostly deals with the planning of deliveries to … Continued

Real Time Temperature Monitoring

The management of food distribution networks is receiving more and more attention The distribution of food is different from the distribution of other products. Food products show continuous quality changes throughout the supply chain, all the way until final consumption. Hence, in food distribution, quality, health and safety require central consideration. The importance of food … Continued

Fleet Management Trends

Fleet management is undergoing tremendous changes presently. The same trends are going to be observed in coming years. Sharp Increase in Fuel Costs A steep increase in the fuel costs are seen across the world as it will continue further. This has forced the companies in the fleet management field to resort to the economically … Continued

The Benefits of Fleet Management Solutions

Almost all businesses use some form of transportation, whether it is a company car for employees to use to get to appointments or a fleet of trucks to transport products. The process of purchasing, keeping track of, and maintaining these vehicles can be a time-consuming process, and for large fleets, it can be complex. Here … Continued

selecting the right telematics product

No two fleets are the same, so telematics solutions should be just as unique. Before deciding on a trailer tracking solutions, fleet managers should thoroughly assess their areas of need and consider which option can best optimize their fleet’s performance. The best solution will be tailored to their specific concerns, able to seamlessly integrate into … Continued

Trailer telematics shouldn’t be overlooked

In the past few years, the perception of a telematics solution transformed from a single purpose devises to a modular connective hub with the ability to integrate with a variety of external sensors or services. Telematics is no longer a “nice to have” solution, but a “need to have” one in to ensure parity with … Continued