COVID-19 Screening App for Employees

Coronavirus deaths in the U.S. hit another one-day high at over 4,300 with the country’s attention focused largely on the fallout from the deadly uprising at the Capitol. The nation’s overall death toll from COVID-19 has eclipsed 380,000, according to Johns Hopkins University, and is closing in fast on the number of Americans killed in … Continued

Employee Temperature and Health Screenings – A List of Statewide Orders

Governors and public health officials across the country have implemented stringent measures to help contain the spread of COVID-19, such as safer at home and face covering mandates. Some jurisdictions also require employers to screen the health of employees, often as they begin a shift. These health screening steps, including temperature checks, have become more … Continued

Daily Employee Screening Log

New lockdowns and restrictions sweep across the country as Covid-19 cases continue to rise. The wave of Covid-19 infections sweeping across the United States was followed Monday by a spate of new lockdowns and calls to reimpose restrictions after a week when more than a million new cases were reported. Procuro PIMM Health Check App … Continued

Temperature checks at workplace

Temperature checks at entrances, questionnaires about Covid-19 symptoms and required coronavirus tests for employees returning to work — it’s all part of the increasingly common measures employers are now putting in place to guard against a second wave of the pandemic. If it feels a bit strange to have your temperature taken every time you … Continued

CDC Updates “How COVID is Spread”

Monday, October 5, 2020, CDC issued updated guidance to its How COVID-19 Spreads article, which includes information about the potential for airborne spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. CDC continues to believe, based on current science, that people are more likely to become infected the longer and closer they are to a person with … Continued