Who must comply with the ELD rule?

Motor carriers and drivers subject to the ELD rule must start using ELDs by the compliance date of Dec. 18, 2017, unless they are using a grandfathered AOBRD. A grandfathered AOBRD is a device that a motor carrier installed and required its drivers to use before the ELD rule’s Dec. 18 compliance date. The device … Continued

PIMM™ Fleet Solutions – Benchmarking Transportation Processes

Many businesses that ship products use transportation management systems (TMS) for visibility and control within their supply chain operations. The introduction of cloud-based TMS has also opened the door to many small and mid-sized companies to find great tools that fit their budgets. While using TMS capabilities to support everything from carrier rate management, shipment … Continued

Trucking Software for Owner Operators

PIMM™ Trucking software for owner operators – “Trucker” – is a must-have for modern transportation professionals. If you’re a company driver, or just someone interested in becoming a trucker, then now is a great time to join the ranks of self-employed truckers. Before you take the leap, though, it makes sense to have all your … Continued

Telematics in Fleet Management

Building a Vehicle Fleet isn’t easy or inexpensive. Managing that same fleet can prove even more time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly! Fortunately, in the Digital Age, many fleet owners can turn to Telematics, which is a series of technologies that provide information on where vehicles are, how they are performing and more. Recognize the Cost Benefits … Continued


Procuro is dedicated to working with our customers to provide “End to End Quality Control & Visibility” and using the PIMM™ PPT to more accurately access the thermal condition of each and every product. One of the primary goals of a good cold chain management program is to minimize risk by utilizing best quality management … Continued

BEST PRACTICES FOR REFRIGERATED TRANSPORT©. PART 4. Departure and Arrival Process for Loaded Trailers.

Departure and/or Arrival procedures may vary from site to site but there are some industry accepted best practices that involve inspections, check lists, security checks and clearances as described below. Pre-Departure Checklist and Inspections of Loaded Trailers Drivers are required to conduct physical inspections of their assigned vehicles prior to departure. Although inspections and checklist … Continued


Loading trailers may seem straightforward but there are a number of critical steps that will dramatically improve the process from a safety and quality perspective. From a safety perspective, securing the trailer is of utmost importance. Following the steps outlined in the Trailer Pre-load Safety snd Inspection section. From a quality perspective, only load “PRE-COOLED … Continued

Fleet Management

Importance of Fleet Management Can you track your trailers in real-time? How fast can you assemble an extra load on the journey? Are your invoicing and delivery procedures as paperless as possible? Transport fleet management requires particular skills and specialized software. The benefits of fleet management software are essential. The PIMM™ Fleet Solutions provide our … Continued

Transport Management System with Electronic Logging Device

Transport Management System with Electronic Logging Device TMS w/ELD If your company functions in retail, distribution, manufacturing, e-commerce or third party logistics, chances are you already know – a Transport Management System/Software (TMS) is a logistics platform that allows users to manage and optimize the daily operations of their transportation fleets. Why do you need … Continued

Software as a Service (SaaS) Advantages

Procuro provides a family of hosted applications using the modern SaaS model. This model was selected because it provides the best value and the best service for Procuro’s customers. SaaS provides these specific benefits: Total cost of ownership is much lower because all infrastructure and maintenance is amortized across many customer accounts. Procuro takes full … Continued