Cold chain management in meat supply is of utmost importance for the maintenance of quality and safety of meat/poultry products.
Raw meat/meat products are likely to support the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and/or spoilage bacteria, and should be kept at temperatures that do not result in a risk to health. The cold chain should not be interrupted at all times along the meat distribution chain.

cold chain management
cold chain management

During Meat distribution (transportation) route to the final user – wholesale cold storage and/or display at retail, the cold chain must be maintained vigorously. Industrial and/or truck chambers have different characteristics and performances. Its size, initial temperature of incoming meat, targeted temperature during transportation, mechanical characteristics (e.g. power of compressors, ventilation and insulation), as well as energy/cost matters are issues of first priority when considering the meat distribution/transportation. In general, the vehicle must be provided with a good refrigerated system capable to maintain the required temperature of meat/offal at all times during distribution.

Frozen meat products for example can be transported all over the world. If a product is processed, the meat is transported from the slaughter house to the meat processing manufacturer and then to retailers and super markets.

Fresh meat products have a limited shelf life and therefore have to be in the supermarket within two days. Fresh meat products are therefore not transported long distances typically. Fresh meat products are transported with trucks from the slaughter house to the retailers and the super market.

Processed meat products can either be fresh or frozen. With this being said, trucks are therefore the most common transportation method, especially concerning fresh meats.

PIMM™ Cold Chain Management (CCM) provides “end to end visibility” for your cold chain. The system monitors, analyzes and manages the entire distribution process from supplier plants, 3rd party carriers, 3rd party cold storage/distribution centers, outbound delivery fleet and in-store cold storage.

PIMM™ Cold Chain Management (CCM) collects and analyzes valuable cold storage information and shares any/all relevant corrective actions with the appropriate supply chain partners. Real-time process management allows for a more effective cold chain process which extends “shelf life”, reduces rejections/returns, improves quality and enhances customer satisfaction at all levels.

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