Customer satisfaction surveys are used by restaurants, convenience stores, and retail grocery establishments to gauge how the company is perceived by the patrons they serve. Organizing a survey is the first step in assessing customer reaction to your products or services. Following through by making needed improvements helps to ensure future growth and success.

Customer Satisfaction Survey
Customer Satisfaction Survey

Enhance Successful Strategies Customer satisfaction surveys ask questions about various areas, including customer service, employee knowledge or helpfulness and the policies and procedures.

Know Where to Improve Some business owners may use customer satisfaction surveys after they experience a drop in sales volume. Surveys uncover a variety of unsatisfactory areas, such as rude employees, late delivery and a website that is difficult to navigate. Making changes before your reputation is tarnished can reduce the negative impact on your company.

Collect Product or Services Data A section of a customer service survey should be dedicated to the level of satisfaction with your product or services. In addition to asking about quality, include a question about how you can improve.

Customer Retention If your customers know you care enough to ask what they like and dislike about your company, you may have a high repeat business rate. Paying attention to their comments tells them that they’re more than just a revenue stream.

The PIMM™ SMS Survey feature allow authorized users from corporate, regional, area and/or store managers to dynamically create customized surveys that can be distributed to any/all Stores to receive real-time feedback. Survey questions can be constructed as a simple yes/no response or a selection checklist. The responses will be automatically collected, sorted and analyzed by reporting hierarchy.

This feature provides invaluable feedback from the stores on a variety of operational processes, procedures, and product launches.

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