The series of warehousing and distribution activities that comprise a cold chain system are designed to ensure ideal storage and transportation conditions for temperature-sensitive products.

cold chain management

Dozens of U.S. export industries depend on the vital links that cold chain systems provide. U.S. businesses invest hundreds of millions of dollars in their cold chain operations to create efficiency and reliability because an end-to-end cold chain is only as efficient and secure as the weakest link in the system.

Each link in the cold chain must maintain the same level of integrity for the customer to receive a satisfactory product. A single breakdown in the chain can result in catastrophic losses of product.

Fresh foods, like fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and dairy, require an uninterrupted cold chain due to their perishable nature. By controlling parameters of temperature, humidity and atmospheric composition, along with utilizing proper handling procedures, cold chain service providers can increase the product life of fresh foods for days, weeks or even months. These services allow fresh products to hold their value longer, increasing their transportability and providing opportunities that expand their market reach.

The exact structure of each cold chain varies significantly depending on product and customer requirements; however, the goal of a properly designed cold chain system is to safely move temperaturesensitive products in a way that reduces waste, maintains the quality and integrity of the product and limits opportunities for bacterial contamination.

PIMM™ Cold Chain Management (CCM) collects and analyzes valuable cold storage information and shares any/all relevant corrective actions with the appropriate supply chain partners. Real-time process management allows for a more effective cold chain process which extends “shelf life”, reduces rejections/returns, improves quality and enhances customer satisfaction at all levels.

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