It goes without saying that food temperature must be maintained within an acceptable range at all times — but the fact is that many restaurants and chains fail to implement the kinds of controls needed to prevent perishables from spoiling.

Food Safety solutions
Food Safety solutions

It’s just not enough to place a standard sensor in the cooler. Those kinds of devices may show the current temperature accurately, but they cannot provide a full picture of the climate conditions in your storage container. Not all sensors can transmit through tough materials like stainless steel or concrete or continue to record important temperature data during the wake of a power outage. You need to know when your temperatures are dropping or rising in order to take immediate action and reduce the amount of spoiled food, rotted time, and wasted money.

The obvious solution to this is to install 24-hour temperature monitoring device with logging capabilities that will send alerts as soon as a problem arises.

PIMM™ Store Management System has a built-in Food Safety Inspections and Quality Control System that simplifies data collection, scoring and reporting for daily HACCP inspections as well as weekly, monthly food safety and quality assurance processes for each restaurant facility.

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