Procuro’s PIMM™ CCM KIOSK solutions provide a simple and secure environment for cold storage warehouse personnel to share our mobile platforms amongst drivers, janitors, loaders, unloaders, and visitors.

Each module will operate in “KIOSK” mode on any Apple iPad, restricted by user permissions tied to a specific module. “Janitors” will only have access to the “cleaning and sanitation inspection forms in the Audits & Inspection module while “Driver” will be restricted to punch-in and punch-out forms in the Driver Time & Attendance module.

Procuro’s PIMM™ CCM KIOSK features are:

AUDITS & INSPECTIONS – Facility Audits and Inspections including nighty cleaning services. This is an excellent tool for nightly janitorial service team(s) to share electronic checklists and inspection forms.

CALIBRATION VERIFICATION – Calibrate temperature probes used for Inspections, product pulping, FSMA, etc.

DISPATCH – Dispatchers can now provide resource assignment of tractors, trailers, drivers, routes, etc. from the centrally located PIMM™ Kiosk station located in the loading section of the dock door area.

DRIVER TIME & ATTENDANCE – The PIMM™ T&A Kiosk eliminates the need for drivers to “punch-in” on the onboard computer in the truck/tractor cab. The PIMM™ Time Clock system supports driver Punch-in; breaks; and Punch-out from the comfort of the dispatch office or breakroom.

FACILITY MONITORING – PIMM™ FMS also runs on the PIMM™ Kiosk platform. Centrally located PIMM™ Kiosk devices will provide access to alert notifications of temperature violations by zone, i.e. Cooler, Freezer, Tomato Room, etc. while working on the shop floor.

LOAD DOCK W/FSMA – The loading process is a hands-on process. The PIMM™ Loading Kiosk provides the Loader with all of the necessary tools to complete the Outbound Loading Process, including FSMA compliance forms.

SUPPLIER DELIVERY W/FSMA – Unloaders need to have real-time access to the Inbound Unloading Process. The PIMM™ SuD Kiosk provides the unloader with crucial information about inbound loads including vendor ID; PO #; Bill of Lading; Logger temps; and FSMA compliance forms.

VISITOR SIGN-IN – The PIMM™ Visitor Sign-in Kiosk is essential for keeping required security logs for visitors, drivers, customers, etc. The Visitor Sign-in system automates the visitor log process including visitor badges with pictures.

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