Food safety management is one of the top risks facing the food industry today. Consumers are watching for recalls and withdrawals, and they’re willing to walk away from a brand that doesn’t take food safety compliance seriously!

Food Safety Management
Food Safety Management

Food safety is all about protection. It protects your customers, your brand, and your business. However, your business is complex and spans multiple locations. With so many sources of potential contamination, it’s difficult to track noncompliant issues and maintain standards at every facility. File cabinets and spreadsheets are antiquated, lack transparency, and don’t reflect the current FSMA regulations. These outdated food safety operations leave your business vulnerable to risk that can result in costly liabilities.

The solution is quality management software from PIMM™ Store Management System. Our innovative technology will provide your team with the tools they need to audit, correct, monitor, and report on all food safety practices. With everyone on the same platform, it’s easy to reference the most up-to-date information and report on all food safety activities!

Our system provides a user-friendly interface to enhance operational efficiencies for managing temperature, energy, drive-thru performance, and quality control 24×7.

Main features are:

  • AUDITS – custom set of forms and reports to support an internal audit
  • CHECKLISTS – custom operational checklist
  • FOOD SAFETY LOGS – built-in Food Safety Inspections and Quality Control System
  • FACILITY MONITORING – centralized management
  • POSITION OPTIMIZATION – Optimizing the staff responsibilities and maximizing the service
  • DELIVERIES – access to the estimated time of arrival
  • DRIVE-THRU PERFORMANCE – Speed of service
  • SCORECARDS – highly influential operational tool
  • SURVEYS – customized surveys
  • TRAINING SYSTEM – personalized Employee Quizzes

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