The management of food distribution networks is receiving more and more attention

real time temperature monitoring
real time temperature monitoring

The distribution of food is different from the distribution of other products. Food products show continuous quality changes throughout the supply chain, all the way until final consumption. Hence, in food distribution, quality, health and safety require central consideration.

The importance of food safety has repeatedly been vigorously discussed after the occurrence of food scares e.g. caused by the presence of salmonella in chicken or by cows infected with BSE, which led to serious illnesses, even death, and major product recalls.

The limited shelf lives of food products, requirements with regard to temperature and humidity, possible interaction effects between products, time windows for delivering the products, high customer expectations, and low profit margins make food distribution management a challenging area.

Food supply chains stretch from agricultural producers to consumers and usually involve a manufacturing stage, as well as foodservice or retail activities. Distribution management normally refers to the physical flows and storage of products from the final production point to the customer or end user.

That is why the real-time temperature monitoring is very important in all steps in the cold chain management!

PIMM™ AirTag temperature and GPS recorders provide a great form-factor for 3rd party shipments. They provide high quality data for short/long-haul shipments.It is the most cost-effective way to manage 3rd party transport of high value, short shelf-life and thermaly volatile products.

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