Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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AI is the latest “buzz word” in the technology space but it’s been around forever. Artificial Intelligence is more accepted today simply because we have better tools to collect and analyze data.

IBM’s Watson is probably one of the most famous AI platforms. Invented in the 1980’s to “predict” outcomes based upon data collected for a variety of sources. In 1997, IBM Watson (Deep Blue) defeated Garry Kasparov in chess, followed by its highly-publicized win in the TV show Jeopardy in 2011. Today, IBM Watson is widely uses in the medical industry to diagnose diseases in seconds because its AI engine has access to every medical journal, lab test results and patient records and more.

Shelf Life predictions are relatively straight forward and have predictable outcomes based upon access to product production, storage and transit information.

End to End Visibility (Traceability)

PIMM™ Cold Chain Management (PIMM™ CCM) solutions provide our customers with “End to End Visibility” or “Farm to Fork” traceability. We track and trace the life cycle of our customer’s products throughout the distribution process.

The quality of the products is always determined by its environmental conditions. PIMM™ CCM provides visibility of these environmental conditions and issues the necessary corrective actions throughout the cold chain process using AI technology.

Data Collection

Temperature, time and sanitary conditions are critically important in determining the “Shelf Life” of a product. Data collection is derived for a variety of sources throughout the cold chain distribution process.

  • Cold Storage Temperatures (Plants, DC’s, 3PL’s, Stores)
  • Transit Conditions (Temperatures, Sanitary Conditions, Time Delays)
  • Product Specifications and Profiles (Optimum Conditions, Thresholds, Sell by Date, etc.)
  • Traceability Information (Lot #, Mfg. date, GTIN #, BOL #, CO #, PO #, etc.)

PIMM™ Analytics and PIMM™ PPT

Our PIMM™ Analytics (AI engine) system has access to all of the product data as described in the previous section.

The storage and shipment data is analyzed by our AI engine in PIMM™ PPT – it is then re-analyzed with the product specification and traceability data to determine the number of “Lost Days” of shelf Life. The last calculation is to apply the number of “Lost “Days” to the “Sell by Date” which will determine the new Estimate Shelf Life Date.

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