The shelf life of food products is an important feature for both manufacturers and consumers. The most important factor for shelf life evaluation of food safety, followed by quality including physical, chemical, and sensorial properties.

Projected Product Temperature
Projected Product Temperature

Nowdays, consumers are increasingly demanding high food quality, and they have corresponding expectations that the quality of their food will be mainained at a high level during the period between purchase and consumption.

Shelf life is an important attribute of all foods, including raw materials, ingredients, and manufatcured products.

The key benefit of our PIMM™ Projected Product Temperature (PPT) simulated temperature is that it is regenerated with each new air temperature reading we receive any logger device. Our default setup is to receive and recalculate PPT every five minutes. This allows our system to be predictive and warn our distributor customers of a potential temperature incident before it becomes a food quality or safety risk.

Each shipment is rated for both Air Temp Quality and Product Temp Quality. PIMM™ PPT displays the impact of the environmental conditions (air temps) on the product temperatures.

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