We provide a family of hosted applications using the modern SaaS (Software As A Service ) model. This model was selected because it provides the best value and the best service for our customers!

Procuro provides a family of hosted applications using the modern SaaS model. This model was selected because it provides the best value and the best service for Procuro’s customers. SaaS provides these specific benefits:

  1. Total cost of ownership is much lower because all infrastructure and maintenance is amortized across many customer accounts.
  2. Procuro takes full responsibility for system availability, redundancy, uptime, disaster recovery, and cyber security. This includes many time-consuming tasks such as 24x7x365 real-time monitoring of applications and servers, managing backups, system maintenance, exercising disaster recovery protocols, validating and deploying operating system and application security upgrades, etc.
  3. Centrally-managed, secure data sharing with your partners and customers, including sophisticated data integration services.
  4. Very low cost of entry, implementation, and updates.
  5. Very fast and efficient customer support. Procuro’s customer support staff has immediate, secure access to your system in real time, which allows them to resolve issues very quickly.
  6. Simplicity. There are no complex licensing schemes, no requirement to lock down proprietary code or data schema, etc.

Procuro provides a very rich feature set which includes multiple software services handling complex input/output/integration requirements. These requirements are best handled within a hosted cloud environment. A typical customer of Procuro will have some or all of the following:

  1. Multiple PIMM™ applications that take advantage of cross-application data integration. For example, asset tracking, route management, and continuous temperature monitoring of deliveries.
  2. Applications across multiple platforms, including native desktop clients, web clients, and mobile clients, each with their own infrastructure requirements.
  3. Multiple hardware vendors providing data input streams. For example, a distribution company may have a fleet whose trailers and tractors have a mix of telematics devices from Jointiff, ThermoKing, ATrack, Peoplenet, and other vendors.
  4. Cross-enterprise data sharing and reporting requirements. Procuro customers typically use PIMM™ applications to securely share data, events, and reports up and down the supply chain across organizations, as well as within their own company.

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