With today’s reefer equipment, monitoring temperatures inside the trailer is almost a given. Recorders note what happens en route, and the data can be extracted if issues arise. However, in many cases, dispatchers still don’t hear about problems until after the load has gone sour. It’s far better if someone knows right now if something goes wrong so the load can be saved and arguments avoided.

remote temperature monitoring
remote temperature monitoring

The real-time data and telematics revolution in trucking, coupled with federal regulations requiring more precise cold-chain monitoring and reporting on perishable foods in transit, is driving a new era of innovation and improved performance in the refrigerated trucking market.

It is an opportunity being embraced by reefer fleet operators, equipment manufacturers and technology providers. Driving this evolution are more sophisticated and capable trailer-mounted remote-monitoring devices, which transmit a host of data in near-real time about in-transit reefer trailer operating performance and location; “cloud-based” platforms and software tools that capture, validate and combine data from many devices and give dispatchers a continuous, comprehensive view of a reefer’s operating status; and design advances and improvements in refrigeration units by manufacturers.

All of these developments have supported carrier and shipper compliance with more stringent “chain of custody” monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting mandated by the Food Safety Modernization Act, in particular the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food rule promulgated by the Food and Drug Administration.

The PIMM™ Supplier Delivery System provides our customers with a customized quality management solution for inbound deliveries. iPIMM™ SuD is the first software platform that elevates the traditional “temperature logger” to integrated cold chain solution allowing the driver to guarantee a quality delivery.

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