Fleet Management is a method which enables organizations to organize and coordinate the vehicles used by the businesses to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and provide compliance with regulations. Fleet management is commonly used by couriers, utilities, oil & gas delivery, repair as well as service industry businesses to ensure vehicle safety and use and allow … Continued

Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading can be the most critical and complex point in a temperature controlled supply chain. Transferring product from one location to another adds factors to the process that are often unmonitored. Fortunately technology is rapidly improving in this critical space. In addition to maintaining the temperature of the truck, warehouse, and product, shippers … Continued

BEST PRACTICES FOR REFRIGERATED TRANSPORT©. PART 4. Departure and Arrival Process for Loaded Trailers.

Departure and/or Arrival procedures may vary from site to site but there are some industry accepted best practices that involve inspections, check lists, security checks and clearances as described below. Pre-Departure Checklist and Inspections of Loaded Trailers Drivers are required to conduct physical inspections of their assigned vehicles prior to departure. Although inspections and checklist … Continued

Software as a Service (SaaS) Advantages

Procuro provides a family of hosted applications using the modern SaaS model. This model was selected because it provides the best value and the best service for Procuro’s customers. SaaS provides these specific benefits: Total cost of ownership is much lower because all infrastructure and maintenance is amortized across many customer accounts. Procuro takes full … Continued