temperature monitoring for cold chain logistics
temperature monitoring for cold chain logistics

A cold chain is a supply chain of perishable items, which protects a wide variety of food, pharma and chemical products from degradation, improper exposure to temperature, humidity, light or particular contaminants to keep them frozen, chilled and fresh state.

The integrity of the cold chain must be preserved from the point of production or processing, through all phases of transportation i.e. loading, unloading, handling, and storage – and extending to storage at the consuming household or restaurant.

The freshness of food product handled in a cold chain is highly sensitive to temperature and other environmental conditions and, when deteriorated, can easily cause adverse effect on human health, product process, and food variety.

PIMM™ SuD accepts data on an in-time or real-time basis using the same User Interface. The user should choose the logger that best supports their environment. For example, frozen loads can be monitored with a PIMM™ LogTag (In-Time Logger) vs. a more perishable sensitive product like produce or berries may be better suited for a PIMM™ AirTag (Real-Time Logger).

Real-Time Loggers like the PIMM™ AirTag and PIMM™ TMC provide an extra layer of quality and security by providing real-time notifications during transit. This allows the plant, carrier and distributor to have advanced warnings in order to initiate corrective actions during transit.

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