• The trucking industry has been going through an upheaval since the implementation in December of the electronic-logging-device mandate.


  • The ELD mandate limits how much truck drivers can drive and when: They cannot drive for more than 11 hours during a 14-hour period.
transport management system
transport management system

The electronic-logging-device mandate was designed to keep truck drivers and others on the road safe. Since December, truck drivers have been required to keep an ELD in their cabins to ensure they follow a law that limits them to 11 hours of driving in a 14-hour window.

That time limitation is a problem when drivers have to spend precious hours held up at shipping docks. Per the industry standard, drivers are expected to wait up to two hours — unpaid — at shippers to be loaded or unloaded. And a DAT Solutions survey of 257 drivers found that almost 63% wait at least three hours every time they’re at a shipping dock.

ELDs might help solve another big problem that truck drivers highlight: being detained for hours without pay at shipping docks.

The PIMM™ HOS offers and provides Drivers with a friendly user experience that dynamically creates the drivers’ HOS and RODS records to be compliant with the FMCSA guidelines. The system automates every aspect of the drivers’ daily routine from punch-in, login, engine starts, driving, breaks, deliveries, restarts, bid days, sleepers, layovers, etc.

We automate the driver’s status for on-duty and driving and offer a simple UI so the driver always knows his/her status. Fleet operators/owners will also be provided real-time access to data to ensure HOS compliance and improve their driver safety and efficiency.

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