In a multi-tiered global supply chain, end-to-end visibility is tough enough to achieve in the best of times. But the spread of the coronavirus has laid bare supply chain vulnerabilities and their impact on the world economy.

When the spread of the virus across China, forced the shut downs of 1000’s of factories, and with it a large proposition of the words supply, we needed real time visibility of which materials, products, and customers were going to be affected, and what alternate sourced of supply were available. As production has starts up, we need visibility into the logistics capacity available to move goods across the globe, and to the actual demand of products as we struggle to keep vital commodities stocked and have almost zero demand for luxury items.

When it comes to visibility, we can see room for improvement

Real-time data is essential to maintain visibility across the supply chain. It is clear that in uncertain times, where demand is volatile, supply uncertain, and capacity short, having visibility across your supply chain to make the right decisions is vital.

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  1. Tex Hooper

    I like your management tips. It seems we have a supply chain problem today. Hopefully, there are transit managers working on it right now.


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