The cold chain is responsible for the preservation and transportation of perishable foods in the proper temperature range to slow biological decay processes and deliver safe and high‐quality foods to consumers.

Cold Chain Management

Studies show that the efficiency of the cold chain is often less than ideal, as temperature abuses above or below the optimal product‐specific temperature range occur frequently, a situation that significantly increases food waste and endangers food safety.

Refrigeration, food safety, and food waste are intimately linked. Perishable food, including fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, and fish products, needs to be kept in a chilled or frozen state along the entire supply chain.

When insufficient refrigeration of perishable food is known and reported, the food is then discarded, thus mitigating concerns about food safety but creating food waste.

A significant challenge for an efficient cold chain is the different requirements of perishable food product categories (dairy, eggs, fruits and vegetables, fresh‐cut fruits, fresh‐cut vegetables, meat and meat products, seafood, and fish) to maximize shelf‐life and commercial potential, including different optimal temperature ranges (ambient = 15 °C to 20 °C; cool = 2 °C to 15 °C; cold = −9 °C to 2 °C; and frozen ≤−10 °C)

In most developed countries, cold chains are tightly regulated. Refrigeration needs to be applied throughout the entire cold chain, and a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) strategy needs to be broadly implemented within the food industry to manage the cold chain and ensure food safety

PIMM™ Cold Chain Management (CCM) provides “end to end visibility” for your cold chain. The system monitors, analyzes and manages the entire distribution process from supplier plants, 3rd party carriers, 3rd party cold storage/distribution centers, outbound delivery fleet and in-store cold storage.

PIMM™ Cold Chain Management (CCM) collects and analyzes valuable cold storage information and shares any/all relevant corrective actions with the appropriate supply chain partners. Real-time process management allows for a more effective cold chain process which extends “shelf life”, reduces rejections/returns, improves quality and enhances customer satisfaction at all levels.

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