Shuttles Management System

Real-Time Mobile Platform

for Shuttles Pick Ups and Drop-offs

TMS Shuttles

PIMM™ TMS Shuttles solution was specifically designed and developed to provide Shuttle Drivers with a real-time mobile platform to significantly simplify the process and compliance documentation for shuttle pickups and drop-offs.

PIMM™ Shuttles provides the driver with an intuitive user interface that is simple, straightforward and supports Apple iOS platform, so the Driver can just use an iPad or iPad mini to automate all of the drivers document requirements.

PIMM™ Shuttles automates all of the administrative functions that drivers requires to run their business – DVIR’s, HOS, ELD (if required), Navigation, Port Doc Scanning, Proof of Delivery, Daily Trip Reports, Customer Invoicing; Driver Management and so much more.

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Reduce your paper trailer and ensure drivers validate your vehicles and trailers in safe driving condition. Our eDVIR / Inspection module offers customized pre-departure forms and syncs seamlessly with our iPIMM™ AMS application, immediately alerting your maintenance department when an issue arises in your fleet.


The PIMM™ HOS offers and provides Shuttle Drivers with a friendly user experience that dynamically creates the drivers’ HOS and RODS records (if applicable) to be compliant with the FMCSA guidelines.

The system automates every aspect of the drivers’ daily routine from punch-in, login, engine starts, driving, breaks, deliveries, restarts, bid days, sleepers, layovers, etc.

We automate the driver’s status for on-duty and driving and offer a simple UI so the driver always knows his/her status. Fleet operators/owners will also be provided real-time access to data to ensure HOS compliance and improve their driver safety and efficiency.


Apple’s iPad mini hardware comes at a fraction of the cost of a typical onboard computer. By selecting the iPad mini hardware it allows our customers to pick and choose other driver tools like Bluetooth temperature probes, barcode scanners, etc. into our solution. Offered as an available app on the Apple App Store allows us to constantly improve our application with the release of easy to download updates.

This product has been self-certified by the manufacturer and is recognized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as a registered ELD system:

Procuro Inc
Product Name
Model Number
Software Version
3.7.3 or higher
ELD Registration ID


PIMM™ Shuttles allow the shuttle driver to “Add” and manage their own shuttle trips. The application will prompt the driver to “Add” a Pick-up and Drop locations which creates a “Registered Trip” in the system.

Multiple trips can be pre-registered by the driver or operator, and the driver simply activates the desired “Trip” and the application will then automatically switch the User Interface (UI) to the turn by turn navigation module.


PIMM™ Shuttles provides the driver with a simple User Interface (UI) that provides a complete view of the current trip. The AI engine in PIMM™ TMS automatically provides the driver with turn-by-turn directions to navigate to the next scheduled shuttle stop.

The system also provides the driver with a user-friendly popup to update the trip with rest stops, service stops, roadside inspections etc. PIMM™ updates the driver route view, trip report, HOS and RODS (if required) records dynamically.


PIMM™ Shuttles also supports temperature management w/FSMA compliance for refrigerated transport of containers or trailers. Drivers will simple order a rechargeable/re-usable PIMM™ AirTag™ as part of their new service offering.

PIMM™ Shuttles will automatically synchronized the PIMM™ AirTag™ to report any temperature related issues during transit. Our system provides support for immediate corrective actions using the compartmental temperatures.

In addition, the application will also provide the driver with the “Projected Product Temperatures” (PIMM™ PPT) for each load. PIMM™ PPT provides the shuttle driver and/or shuttle operator with a unique advantage over other operators. This product temperatures can then be shared with the receiver/customer to assure FSMA compliance.


PIMM™ Shuttles also provides an easy to use proof of delivery system for the driver and operator. The driver can scan purchase orders; bills of lading; etc. and have the receiver sign-on-glass on the Apple iPad to confirm the receipt of the load.


The PIMM™ Driver Management System (PIMM™ DMS) keeps track of the drivers’ certifications and qualifications. The operator essentially will have a PIMM™ assistant that will remind him/her of the driver renewal status of the following:

  • Drug & Alcohol
  • Hazardous Material (HAZMAT)
  • Hours of Service (HOS)
  • License Renewals
  • Medical Cards
  • Etc.


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