Transport Management System

Ultimate In-Cab Mobile Platform

with Driver-Inspired Features

PIMM™ TMS is the ultimate in-cab mobile platform to support “Drivers”. It’s our answer to expensive, proprietary and limited functionality of the on-board computers (EOBR/ELD) solutions in the market today. PIMM™ TMS is jam-packed with Driver-inspired features including Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports; Route Assignment; Route Navigation; Trailer Temps; Proof of Delivery, Driver Hours of Service (HOS); Driver Performance; Record On Duty Service (RODS); and Electronic Logging Device (ELD). Keep reading below to get PIMMified!

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PIMM™ TMS and PIMM™ RTM (Real-Time Trailer Mgmt.) applications are always synchronized which allows the driver to see the temperatures of each compartment on the trailer. The temperatures and any associated alerts will automatically notify the driver in real-time to take corrective actions.


PIMM™ TMS provides the driver with a simple User Interface (UI) that provides a complete view of the current route, stops, and delivery plan. The system also provides the driver with a user-friendly popup to update the route with rest stops, service stops, roadside inspections etc. PIMM™ updates the driver route view, and trip report records dynamically.


The PIMM™ POD system includes support for GS1 bar code scanning which provides the driver and store manager with validation and verification of the customers delivery.

The GS1 international standard provides the necessary toolset to provide traceability and compliance for each case delivered.


We took the best functions of iOS including sign-on-glass, Bluetooth pairing (temperature probes, barcode scanner) and a built-in camera to give your driver all the tools he needs in one sleek package.

Best of all, we eliminate excessive paperwork and manual data entry for your back office by offering two-way integration with your company’s ERP/TMS software.



Reduce your paper trailer and ensure drivers validate your vehicles and trailers in safe driving condition. Our eDVIR / Inspection module offers customized pre-departure forms and syncs seamlessly with our PIMM™ AMS application, immediately alerting your maintenance department when an issue arises in your fleet.


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