• The COVID vaccine rollout in the U.S. has been going slower than many health experts anticipated.
  • As a result, Dr. Fauci believes that life in the U.S. may not get back to normal until October or November.
  • Dr. Fauci received a COVID-19 vaccine last month and didn’t experience any serious side effects.

When will life return to normal now that the world has coronavirus vaccines that can prevent severe illness and death? Many have tried to answer that question so far, and most speculation has been promising. Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates are among the experts who said that countries like the US could revert to almost a normal life by the end of 2021. Some estimates were better than others, with Fauci saying in some interviews that life could return to a meaningful degree of normalcy by late summer or early fall. But there were big “ifs” attached to those optimistic predictions: They would require a large percentage of the population to be immunized and most people would have to continue to respect health measures.

A series of new developments might make those predictions seem laughably optimistic in hindsight. The vaccination campaigns aren’t going at full speed, but not because of resistance from anti-vaxxers. There’s still not enough vaccine supply for the people who qualify and want to be vaccinated. On top of that, a trio of mutations is spreading rapidly in various countries, and researchers worry that one of the mutations might impact vaccine efficacy.

Source: Microsoft News, Feb.3, 2021

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