The PIMM™ Supply Chain Management (SCM) system provides our customers with a customized quality management solutions for supplier plants, distribution centers and retail store locations. The system provides a user-friendly interface to enhance operational effectiveness for monitoring and managing operational resources associated with the distribution of refrigerated or temperatures controlled goods throughout the distribution process for all supply chain partners.

PIMM™ Buddy

With PIMM™’s patented Instant Messaging like user interface, your hamburger patties tell you if they have been thermally abused during shipment, and your database servers let you know if their disk drives are not catching up with your customer requests. Contact us and let us know what things in business or in life you care about, and we will let you know if those things can keep you in touch and let you know how they feel.


PIMM™ CrewU is a mobile training program to support the quick service restaurant market. The applications allow for restaurant employees to watch training videos and take corresponding quizzes in order to become certified for operational skills. PIMM™ CrewU courses include onboarding orientation, food safety, operational checklists, position skills, customer service, workplace safety and more….

PIMM™ Crew Engagement Dashboard

The PIMM™ Crew Engagement Digital Dashboard was developed to allow the kitchen crew to have real-time access to the Daily Ops Plan and the Position Optimization platform on a large screen monitor.
The Crew Engagement Digital Dashboard is recommended to operate independent of the corporate network using mini PC (Windows 10) over the back office WiFi Network. The PIMM™ Crew Engagement Digital Dashboard will be permanently displayed on a 24” Touchscreen monitor while the PIMM™ SMS iPad is being used to complete the FSL forms.