With PIMM™ CTM, DC Managers can focus on improving their transport deliveries temperature quality instead of spending countless hours manually inputting route data

continuous temperature monitoring
continuous temperature monitoring

How It Works:

Route Plan Integration / Dynamic Routing:

PIMM™ can integrate to any route planning system, ranging from the simplest route plans created on Microsoft Excel to high level route feed integrations with TMS/ERP systems like SAP, WinSped®, CSB and many more. Typical route feed data would include information regarding route stops; route sequence; schedule arrival time; number of pieces etc.

For customers unable to send a daily route report, we have developed a Dynamic Routing system which recognizes a delivery whenever a truck enters a store geo-fence. The route will terminate/end when the trailer returns back to his home DC.

Telematics Hardware Integration:

PIMM™ is hardware agnostic! PIMM™ integrates with any & all telematics hardware units that report GPS and temperature via GPRS/GSM. Typical telematics hardware reports temperature and GPS data every 5 minutes, along with door and reefer status. PIMM™ will update the position and current temperature of each trailer as the data is transmitted.

Product Temperature Monitoring:

While PIMM™ does actively monitor trailer air temperatures, the PIMM™ CTM system is a solution that is based on actively monitoring product temperatures. Each trailer is equipped with one product sensor for frozen goods and one product sensor for chilled goods. The product sensors should be monitoring goods that will be delivered to the last stop of the route. The product sensors are placed inside the box and between the bags of selected frozen (typically fries) and chilled goods (typically produce).

PIMM™ will monitor the product temperatures from the time of loading all the way through the last delivery. If a temperature violation occurs regarding the product, PIMM™ can notify the DC in real-time and will log an event that will require the DC Manager to enter the reason, corrective action taken and any specific notes regarding the violation. PIMM™ will ensure all violations are reviewed and validated and store the data for up to seven years in our reporting system.  

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