Cases of coronavirus, or COVID-19, have surpassed 59 million worldwide, according to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, with about 12 million cases in the United States.

NSC publishes .COVID-19 data on Injury Facts®. Use the interactive map to track cases in the United States. Filters allow you to view total cases, new cases, rates per 100,000 population, confirmed cases, deaths and state-specific trends.

COVID-19 is proving hard to contain, and this has had a massive effect on people’s confidence. If people are confident there are strict screening processes in place then this is a great step to getting back to some sort of normality.
Our Health Check APP can be used as a standalone application or integrated for sharing with others in an organization.

As businesses anticipate getting back to work in their physical locations, they need to create a healthy and safe environment for returning employees and visitors. Identifying people who may be infected with coronavirus before they enter a business is critical to maintaining a safe environment.

Procuro PIMM Health Check App is now available in App Store! Contact Procuro at (858) 457-8160 to establish a PIMM Health Check account.

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