While many essential businesses (e.g., hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores and gas stations) have remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic, other operations deemed nonessential have shut down temporarily or changed the nature of their operations. Not only has this led to significant business disruptions, but, for many, it has critically impacted their bottom line.

COVID-19 Reopening
COVID-19 Reopening

However, we may be nearing a time when stay-at-home regulations are scaled back and all businesses are allowed to resume as normal. The question then is: How will business owners know it is acceptable to reopen?

Before you reopen your business, you’ll need to think about how you can do so safely. Most businesses will not be able to flip a switch and go from closed to open, but rather will need to reopen in phases.

When your business is ready to reopen, you should do so in a manner that balances your needs and the health and safety of employees. As such, consider reopening in phases, and be sure to provide ample employee communications throughout the entire process. Depending on your business and location, this phased-in approach to reopening will vary.

While resuming operations following the COVID-19 pandemic may seem like a daunting task, businesses don’t have to go it alone. Please visit us to read more about useful tips and guidelines!

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