Anyone outside of the industry may be surprised to hear how much work goes into prepping and closing the kitchen every day.

custom operational checklist
custom operational checklist

Ingredients need to be readied in the morning, then stored at the end of the day. Ovens and refrigerators need to be set at precise temperatures for consistency. Surfaces and supplies need to be cleaned constantly for the safety of your guests and your team.

The purpose of a kitchen opening checklist is for the kitchen crew to get all their ducks in a row. In the morning, there’s usually a new supply of food delivered that needs to be stored, as well as food that needs to be taken out of storage to prep for the day.

Whether your kitchen is opened by one dedicated chef or an assembly of professionals, it’s beneficial to break up your kitchen checklist by section and task.

Because food is stored overnight and the premise is left unattended, simple missteps could lead to big problems. Leaving an oven or stove on or not shutting a refrigerator door tightly could damage your building or spoil your food.

PIMM™ Store Management System provides custom operational checklist. One of this is an administrative checklist for “opening/closing procedures”; deposit handling; security checks; etc. The system allows for timely and compliant processes for store operations.

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