2019 trends in the global food supply chain

Data Logger and Air-Tags
Data Logger and Air-Tags

The complexities of moving food and beverages throughout the supply chain are ever growing. What can we expect in 2019?

Increasing consumer demands, from faster shipping and improved transparency to greater fresh food selections and e-commerce options. The threat of a global trade war and seemingly never-ending tariff hikes. Tightening trucking capacity and a labor shortage. 2018 brought all of these challenges and more for players throughout the global food supply chain. There is good news, though. Innovations and technological advancements are working every day to solve these complexities!

Food safety is paramount to our industry. While the Food Safety Modernization Act is instrumental in standardizing and improving processes in the food supply chain that support improved food safety, technology innovations and breakthroughs are helping the industry achieve its goals at a faster pace.

Procuro’s Air-Tag will notify you in real-time if your trailer temperatures are out of range so corrective action can be taken. We will also send you a full temperature report once the shipment has reached its’ final destination.

Let Procuro’s Air-Tag eliminate risk to your shipment and possible reputational damage to your company – call or email us now for a quote or if you would like more information!

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