With hundreds, even thousands of trucks to manage on the road, and real-time updates coming in from each of those trucks, a fleet manager may feel like he or she is drowning in data.


A well-designed telematics dashboard can serve as a fleet manager’s lifeboat when it comes to managing all this information.

While ELD requirements may have spiked a fleet’s interest in collecting data digitally, using telematics data can be beneficial to all fleets if properly analyzed. This is where a dashboard can help!

At the very basic level, the fleet should be capturing GPS location of vehicles, speed and accelerometers reading, engine hours, odometer reading, vehicle histories and more detailed information such as engine diagnostic data.

Safety dashboards measure driver performance and safety in a consumable and actionable format across several metrics including compliance, speed, driver behavior, and CSA scores.

The PIMM™ Real-Time Trailer Management (PIMM™ RTM) system is a real-time telematics solution for trailer monitoring and management. The system monitors the temperature, door state, reefer status, and route progression. It’s not enough to know where your trailer is or what the current temperature maybe – that is track n’ trace.

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