ELD user accounts must be set up by a motor carrier for:

  • Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers who are employed by the motor carrier and who are required to use the ELD, and
  • Support personnel who have been authorized by the motor carrier to create, remove, and manage user accounts; configure allowed ELD parameters; and access, review, and manage drivers’ ELD records on behalf of the motor carrier.

A motor carrier must assign only one ELD driver account for each of its drivers required to use an ELD. The motor carrier is also responsible for establishing requirements for unique user identifications and passwords.

Each driver account must be created by entering the driver’s license number and the state of jurisdiction that issued the driver’s license. The driver’s license information is only required to set up the driver’s user account and verify his or her identity; it is not used as part of the daily process for entering duty status information.

If your fleet is currently using paper logs, you will spend less time with ELDs, probably 15-30 minutes a day less for drivers, and several hours a week less for fleet managers (varies based on fleet size). ELDs will eliminate manual data entry, reducing errors and improving compliance, and fleet managers will only need to review exceptions (typically flagged by the ELD system) rather than every log entry.

Drivers need to know more than just how to operate the device itself.

In addition, during the transition to mandatory ELDs, there’s bound to be some confusion during roadside inspections. For instance, if drivers are operating under any kind of exemption, it’s important that they understand that and be able to explain to enforcement officers what that exemption is and why they qualify.

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