Line of sight is the biggest challenge for all aspects of the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, distributor and the reseller, and even to the end consumer.

end-to-end supply chain visibility

This lack of visibility and resulting lack of control results in a number of issues, from stock losses to pricing inflation, uncertain availability, and increased time to market.

Delays are arguably one of the biggest supply chain challenges. Paper-based processes are a significant component of this issue.A live view of stock levels and the ability to generate an accurate invoice on delivery will mitigate these challenges, minimize delays, and improve the accuracy of orders, billing, and payments received.

The inefficiency of processes and the reliance on paper-based processes means players in the supply chain cannot manage what is actually being ordered and paid for. It is impossible to collect the correct payment on orders if there is no visibility into what orders have been placed and actually delivered.

A further challenge for parties in the supply chain is the inability to influence consumer behaviour. To ensure maximum success and profitability it is necessary to engage retailers and consumers using loyalty, rewards programs, and incentives.

Addressing these challenges requires an integrated, mobility and cloud-based system that delivers the required visibility across the supply chain. Distributors can better manage their stock levels, warehousing, and personnel, and stock can be tracked at any point no matter where in its journey it is.

Armed with this data, manufacturers, distributors and retailers will be able to make use of intelligent dashboards to interpret data against key performance indicators and deliver real-time actionable insight.

The PIMM™ Fleet Solutions provide our customers with a full suite of tools to manage all aspects of fleet operations. Our system lets you know where your vehicle is at all times but more importantly it tells you “WHY” it is there. We also provide utilization analysis on each vehicle in the fleet so you can properly manage resources and lower your operating costs.

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