Everyone in the food supply chain should have tools to trace products back to the point of origin. It’s the law, and it’s good for business.

The FDA website has a long list of food recalls, most often for salmonella contamination.The recalls, implemented by grocers, food manufacturers, food-service distributors, and others in the food chain, are the most public indicator of just how serious participants have become about the safety of their products. Spurred in part by outbreaks of foodborne disease, the industry is focusing greater attention than ever on food safety.

Public health is the chief concern, followed by potential liability and brand protection issues. Added to that are long-delayed rules that will implement the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), signed into law in early 2011. The law requires all companies in food supply chains to be able to trace foods back to the point of origin.

The term that’s been coined for the effort is “farm-to-fork traceability.” And major grocers and food-service distributors, to ensure their own ability to comply with the regulations, will likely insist their suppliers take part.

PIMM™ Cold Chain Management (CCM) provides “end to end visibility” for your cold chain. The system monitors, analyzes and manages the entire distribution process from supplier plants, 3rd party carriers, 3rd party cold storage/distribution centers, outbound delivery fleet and in-store cold storage.

PIMM™ Cold Chain Management (CCM) collects and analyzes valuable cold storage information and shares any/all relevant corrective actions with the appropriate supply chain partners. Real-time process management allows for a more effective cold chain process which extends “shelf life”, reduces rejections/returns, improves quality and enhances customer satisfaction at all levels.

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