When it comes to maintenance, don’t forget about technology! Telematics devices, ELDs and cameras also need regular maintenance.

When you’re thinking about maintenance, technology such as tablets and cameras can sometimes be seen as less important compared to some of the more visible components of the truck. After all, it’s easier to see when there’s an engine problem than when there’s something wrong with a device, and usually more pressing to fix it. But this doesn’t mean that proper maintenance of technology should be overlooked — it’s just as important to be proactive and responsive to potential issues with the many devices that today’s trucks carry.

To deal with thouse issues, the fleet should follow certain rules.

Plan – The absence of the maintenance plan is a real issue for a lot of fleets. So they end up in a situation that is very difficult for them to recover from because they don’t have a plan upfront.

Proactivity – “Rather than waiting until a vehicle pulls back into a shop or a driver happens to call and say, ‘Hey, this isn’t working,’ a proactive plan means that you have to be monitoring the systems in advance.

People – Specifically shop personnel who know what to do when they come across these issues. Train people so they understand how to fix the problem when faced with a technology failure, be that ELD or video or trailer tracking.

The PIMM™ Fleet Solutions provide our customers with a full suite of tools to manage all aspects of fleet operations, including:

  • Asset Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Dispatch Management
  • Driver Management
  • Real-Time Trailer Management
  • Route Management
  • Temp Management
  • Bi-Directional Reefer Control

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Source: Fleet Equipment Magazine

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