Procuro complete PIMM™ Fleet Management Solutions System with a full suite of tools to manage all aspects of fleet operations:

ASSET MANAGEMENT – a complete record of each vehicle;

ASSET TRACKING – The system lets you know where your vehicle is at all times but more importantly it tells you “WHY” it is there;

DISPATCH MANAGEMENT – PIMM™ has a built-in Dispatch system that allows for the assignment of all required resources including but not limited to the Driver, Tractor, Trailer, Route, etc;

DRIVER MANAGEMENT – The PIMM™ Driver Management System (PIMM™ DMS) keeps track of the drivers’ certifications and qualifications;

REAL-TIME TRAILER MANAGEMENT – The PIMM™ Real-Time Trailer Management (PIMM™ RTM) system is a real-time telematics solution for trailer monitoring and management.

ROUTE MANAGEMENT – The PIMM™ Route Management System (PIMM™ RMS) is operationally relevant – providing real route management;

TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT – PIMM™ RTM manages all of the stages of the delivery process. Dispatch, pre-cooling, staging, first stop in-transit performance, on-time delivery performance, store delivery temps, and so much more;

BI-DIRECTIONAL REEFER CONTROL – PIMM™ provides bi-directional control of reefers to monitor pre-cooling, staging and in-transit conditions to ensure that the set points and modality settings are properly configured;

HARDWARE – PIMM™ is “hardware agnostic”, which means that our customers can choose any data collection hardware that meets their operational and financial requirements.

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