Importance of Fleet Management

Can you track your trailers in real-time? How fast can you assemble an extra load on the journey? Are your invoicing and delivery procedures as paperless as possible? Transport fleet management requires particular skills and specialized software. The benefits of fleet management software are essential.

The PIMM™ Fleet Solutions provide our customers with a full suite of tools to manage all aspects of fleet operations.

Asset Management – The PIMM™ Asset Management System (PIMM™ AMS) provides the fleet manager with a complete record of each vehicle

Asset Tracking – The system lets you know where your vehicle is at all times but more importantly it tells you “WHY” it is there. We also provide utilization analysis on each vehicle in the fleet so you can adequately manage resources and lower your operating costs.

Dispatch Management – PIMM™ has a built-in Dispatch system that allows for the assignment of all required resources including but not limited to the Driver, Tractor, Trailer, Route, etc.

Driver Management – The PIMM™ Driver Management System (PIMM™ DMS) keeps track of the drivers’ certifications and qualifications.

Real-Time Trailer Management – The PIMM™ Real-Time Trailer Management (PIMM™ RTM) system is a real-time telematics solution for trailer monitoring and management. The system monitors temperature, door state, reefer status, and route progression. It’s not enough to know where your trailer is or what the current temperature may be – that is track n’ trace.

Route-Management – The PIMM™ Route Management System (PIMM™ RMS) is operationally relevant – providing real route management. The system offers context to the data being collected – What is the route progression of the trailer? What is the temperature at each delivery stop? Were the deliveries on time? Any out of territory stops?Were the delivery doors opened at any unscheduled stops?

Temperature-Management – PIMM™ RTM manages all of the stages of the delivery process. Dispatch, pre-cooling, staging, first stop the in-transit performance, on-time delivery performance, store delivery temps, and so much more. The system provides real-time temp recording, verification, and analysis at every delivery stop.
In addition to traditional temperature monitoring (Air Temps), PIMM™ also provides Projected Product Temps or “PIMM™ PPT” which shows the impact of the air temperature on the products.
It is critically important to manage the air temperature so corrective actions can resolve temperature issues before it has a harmful impact on the product temps. PIMM™ PPT allows the user to see the correlation between both air and product temps while in transit.

Bi-Directional Reefer Control – PIMM™ provides bi-directional control of reefers to monitor pre-cooling, staging and in-transit conditions to ensure that the set points and modality settings are correctly configured.
PIMM™ uses “Artificial Intelligence” (PIMM™ AI) to validate the proper reefer settings for each load based upon the delivery type. For example, long hauls loads may be set to “Continuous Mode” while a 30-stop route delivery load may be set to “Cycle Mode.”

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