Many businesses that ship products use transportation management systems (TMS) for visibility and control within their supply chain operations. The introduction of cloud-based TMS has also opened the door to many small and mid-sized companies to find great tools that fit their budgets.

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While using TMS capabilities to support everything from carrier rate management, shipment planning and tracking, and mode selection to carrier assignment and invoicing, shippers sometimes overlook the value of using data from a TMS to benchmark and gain insight into transportation performance.

Transport benchmarking is essential to attain a thorough understanding of how your supply chain performs versus your competitors. The most common benchmarked area is carrier rates, but savvy shippers also evaluate a variety of processes and key performance indicators (KPIs).

KPIs help businesses determine if shipments are delivered on time, complete, and without defect. The benchmark analysis can also help identify the root cause of delays and other defects, as well as measure how performance compares to best-in-class practices.

Benchmarking can also help determine if KPIs used to evaluate supply chain performance are appropriate and informative. If not, benchmark findings can be helpful in developing new measurements and strategies.

The PIMM™ Fleet Solutions provide our customers with a full suite of tools to manage all aspects of fleet operations.

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