A health inspection can be a very frustrating experience in a restaurant. Someone you don’t know is telling you what is wrong with your business. Oftentimes, things are pointed out that you had no idea were problems. If you had known it was a problem, then it would have already been addressed, but it took a health inspector to point it out. These inspections would go much easier if a process was in place to identify these problem areas. This process can be developed by doing your own health inspection.

food safety logs
food safety logs

In-house inspections can be very beneficial to not only find and correct problems before the health inspector finds them, but it will also greatly improve the food safety program of the restaurant. The health inspections will improve food safety while reducing risk and liability. If a foodborne illness complaint arises, these reports can be used to help prove innocence.

A good in-house inspection program starts with a report or checklist. This report should focus more on the critical issues that can lead to foodborne illness or enforcement action from the health department.

PIMM™ Store Management System has a built-in Food Safety Inspections and Quality Control System that simplifies data collection, scoring and reporting for daily HACCP inspections as well as weekly, monthly food safety and quality assurance processes for each restaurant facility.
The system operates on both MS Windows and Apple iOS platforms. The Apple iPad mini is the perfect mobile platform for the warehouse manager – size, shape, design, durability, reliability and functionality.

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