Do you know where all your shipments are at any given time? Do you have visibility of all the data and key metrics associated with those shipments?

transport management system
transport management system

If you are a shipper operating without a TMS, the answer to these questions is likely “no.”

As customer demands evolve, shippers are increasingly demanding real-time visibility to their shipments. Implementing a TMS can help provide you with visibility, and also provides you with the real-time information you need to keep your customers apprised of their shipment’s ETA. Chances are when it comes to your transportation spend, you are leaving money on the table and missing opportunities to create efficiencies in your transportation network. A TMS can capture data to help analyze your spending and identify areas for operational and process improvement.

PIMM™ Transport Management System is the ultimate in-cab mobile platform to support “Drivers”. It’s our answer to expensive, proprietary and limited functionality of the on-board computers (EOBR/ELD) solutions in the market today. PIMM™ TMS is jam-packed with Driver-inspired features including Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports; Route Assignment; Route Navigation; Trailer Temps; Proof of Delivery, Driver Hours of Service (HOS); Driver Performance; Record On Duty Service (RODS); and Electronic Logging Device (ELD).

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