Distribution of temperature-controlled products presents critical challenges, from maintaining product integrity throughout the cold chain to compliance with the requirements of the FDA and other regulatory agencies.

Cold Chain distribution
Cold Chain distribution

Whether you are shipping perishable pharmaceuticals, chocolates, food or flowers, it is important to remember that temperature sensitive products require careful consideration. Failure to address the unique challenges of temperature controlled transport can lead to spoiled products, loss of revenue and disappointed customers. Identifying the challenges of temperature controlled transport can help you avoid common pitfalls and keep your products moving safely.

For many, refrigerated trucks are the answer to safely transporting temperature sensitive foods and pharmaceuticals. Although refrigerated trucks do play an important role in safe transport of many goods, there is danger in relying on a single solution. For many delicate products, even a short time outside the ideal temperature zone can lead to spoilage. A product that is kept at adequate temperature during transport can be quickly compromised if it sits in the sun on a loading dock upon arrival.

PIMM™ Supplier Delivery solutions provide an integrated supply chain solution for End to End Visibility, Traceability & FSMA Compliance. Our system captures and identities product traceability characteristics; compliance inspections for quality and safety; temperature control for product storage and transport; and visibility throughout the supply chain.

PIMM™ SuD allows real-time access, for all supply chain partners, to every shipment by GTIN; LOT ID; PO Number; Supplier Name; and/or Product Name/Number.

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