In the recent past, there has been an explosion of cold chain activities with the growing acceptance of a new class of drugs called biologics. They have only recently come into the world of medicine but have already taken the market by storm, not only in terms of their treatment capability but also in terms of the demands they are placing on the pharmaceutical supply chain. Most biologics require both temperature and time-controlled distribution.

the future of the pharmaceutical cold chain management
the future of the pharmaceutical cold chain management

Apart from biologics, recent times have also seen the emergence of different types of precision medicine breakthroughs like cellular therapies, biomarker testing, and regenerative medicine in the form of stem cells. Transportation of material to enable the completion of these therapies to come under the ambit of the cold chain. Blood products and certain vaccines also need a cold chain for their preservation.

The PIMM™ Facility Management centralized management of zones, thresholds, inspection criteria and corrective action procedures for each cold storage facility. Each facility receives a “Quality Grade” that can be shared with customers to verify proper cold chain management process and procedures.

The system offers a user-friendly interface to enhance operational efficiencies for managing temperature, energy and quality control 24×7.

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