One of the most important aspects of the food supply chain is maximizing shelf life. Companies need to get products to store quickly to widen the purchasing window and ensure product freshness for consumers.

From the moment a product is harvested or produced, the clock is ticking. In some cases, products may spend the majority of the life cycle in transit from supplier to retailer. For instance, Florida oranges may be shipped hundreds of miles across several states. Pineapples may come from as far as Mexico, Honduras, or Guatemala.

Product freshness and shelf life are critical to all food manufacturers and distributors – everyone in the same fight against the clock. Maximizing shelf life means more satisfied consumers, less spoilage and waster, and greater profit.

SHELF LIFE PREDICTOR – Part of our PIMM™ Supplier Delivery System, PIMM™ Analytics (AI engine) system has access to all of the product data throughout the distribution process. The storage and shipment data is analyzed by our AI engine in PIMM™ PPT – it is then re-analyzed with the product specification and traceability data to determine the number of “Lost Days” of shelf Life. The last calculation is to apply the number of “Lost “Days” to the “Sell by Date” which will determine the new Estimate Shelf Life Date.

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