Knowing that a cold chain is broken usually triggers a series of responses — calling the driver, ascertaining why the temperature fluctuation occurred, and dispatching a recovery vehicle if necessary, for example.

real time condition and location monitoring
real time condition and location monitoring

But what if there’s no response from the driver?
Is the driver’s phone switched off?

While temperature is an important parameter to evaluate the health of a cold chain shipment, it’s not necessarily the only one. If all you had was temperature data, you wouldn’t be able to tell if cold chain products that are sensitive to light, humidity, vibration, or several other factors, completed their journey without incident.

Considering what’s usually transported through cold chains — fresh produce, meat products, pharmaceutical compounds, and delicate vaccine vials — the extra dimensions that you monitor could help you determine your cold chain shipment’s health more accurately.

The PIMM™ Fleet Solutions provide our customers with a full suite of tools to manage all aspects of fleet operations.

The PIMM™ Real-Time Trailer Management (PIMM™ RTM) system is a real-time telematics solution for trailer monitoring and management.The system monitors temperature, door state, reefer status and route progression.It’s not enough to know where your trailer is or what the current temperature may be – that is track n’ trace.

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