In the distribution of food products, temperature control is an essential factor; it affects product quality by influencing the level of quality degradation, and affects product safety by influencing the growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

real-time telematics
real-time telematics

Transportation planning concerns the short term planning of the distribution operations and mostly deals with the planning of deliveries to different customers. Transportation plays a key role in today’s economies; accounting for up to two-thirds of the total logistics cost. Moreover, it also has a major impact on the level of customer service .

An important characteristic of many food distribution systems is temperature control. For a wide variety of products, temperature control is essential in controlling food quality and food safety.

While distribution may be the least talked about link in the food safety chain, the safety and quality measures taken by successful distribution centers are just as important as the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan at the supplier’s facility or the careful handling and preparation by the operator.

Real-Time Loggers like the PIMM™ AirTag and PIMM™ TMC provide an extra layer of quality and security by providing real-time notifications during transit. This allows the plant, carrier and distributor to have advanced warnings in order to initiate corrective actions during transit.

To protect your investment, we offer integration services if your fleet is already equipped with telematics hardware. If you do not have telematics, we recommend our Jointiff TMC: a wireless GPS, temperature and door sensor system – easy to install, reliable, durable and affordable.

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