The future of PIMM™ AI being applied more and more to “Predictive Management” solutions. Building Management Systems is a great example of where AI can significantly enhance the operational efficiency of systems like HVAC; Lighting; Energy Mgmt.; Security; Power Systems; Gears, Sub-Feeds; 24-hr Standby; etc.

preventive predictive maintenance
preventive predictive maintenance

The critical factor is the inclusion of “Meantime to Failure” estimates for each component. These estimates could be based upon time; cycles; operating hours; environmental conditions; etc. The PIMM™ AI engine will be able to predict failures and dramatically enhance the Reliability, Availability & Serviceability (RAS) of each and every facility.

The PIMM™ AI will combine the data from the Asset Profile with the “Usage” data from the operation of the component and/or equipment to properly assess the current status against the projected “meantime to failure”.

PIMM™ will dynamically create a “Preventive Maintenance Alert” when the threshold of the component or equipment is violated. The corrective action could be a reset or a restart; a required lubrication or calibration; an automatic re-order of a replacement part; etc.

The key is to act before the incident or event. The PIMM™ AI engine will:

  • “Predict” a problem
  • Issue the “Preventive Maintenance Alert”
  • Create the “Corrective Action”; and
  • “Order” the work order or required parts; then
  • “Confirm” that the Corrective Action was implemented

The goal is to Prevent Incidents and Events and allow the Ops team to Sleep Well!!

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